Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Momentum QMS free?

    There is no license fee for using Momentum QMS and hence you are free to use the software indefinitely with no recurring user license fees.
    Depending on your enterprise architecture, there shall be some charges associated with installation, maintenance or support.
    For example:
    For on cloud installations, there are hosting and administration charges associated with providing that service.
    For on-premise installations, there is a single, one-off installation charge associated with installing the software.

  • Is Momentum QMS OpenSource?

    Momentum QMS foundations are built on OpenSource technologies such as Liferay and Java, however, it’s technical stack also consists of
    licensed proprietary software.
    This means that Momentum QMS utilizes the best of both worlds when it comes to delivering an exceptional mix of functionality for businesses.
    In doing so however, MomentumQMS cannot be considered as OpenSource, and hence, you may not redistribute the software to other businesses
    or individuals.

  • Can we install Momentum QMS ourselves?

    All installations are to be performed by the MomentumQMS team.
    We can perform installations on site or remotely through VPN / online meetings. This is to ensure that the software gets installed correctly and more importantly
    that the software hits the ground running without any delays or technical issues.

  • What are the system requirements?

    For cloud installations, all you need is a browser.
    For on-premise installations, we can install everything for you including the database and application server (Java).
    Momentum QMS supports a wide range of application and database servers, if you have a specific requirement regarding installation then please let us
    know and we shall accommodate your request the best we can.

  • Where is the cloud server located?

    We utilize Amazon Web Services as our cloud hosting solution.
    If you have a preference regarding which location to use for cloud services then please let us know.

  • Is the system 21 CFR Part 11 compliant/Validated?

    Implementing a validated system is a process/journey and Momentum Systems can help you implement the system with our proven and systematic approach.
    The deliverables of such a project shall include a Validation Plan, IQ/OQ/PQ, FRS and Designs etc.
    The system also includes features such as Audit Logs and Electronic Signatures to comply with regulatory requirements (such as 21 CFR Part 11).
    More details regarding Part 11 can be provided on request.

  • What Our Customers Say
    See why clients around the world trust Momentum QMS to reduce costs and boost productivity, innovation, and competitiveness.

    "The range of modules available is extensive. The existing modules and out-of-the-box functionality are easy to use and well designed. New modules can be created where required and existing modules adapted and customised to user needs."

    Fiona M.
    Quality Manager

    "While many companies offer a software application to manage specific areas of a QMS I was looking for a "One Stop Shop" where I could manage all aspects of the quality system and utilize it to drive continuous improvement! Momentum QMS checked every box on the list (and then some)."

    Ryan B.
    Quality Manager

    See why we are the most flexible and cost effective platform in the market today.